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I'm currently an animation/illustration major at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Everything posted here is original content unless stated otherwise. To commission me or to request to see a full portfolio, message me at or email me at

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Hi, can you talk about how you pick your color palettes?

of course! yeah sure. um well obv for gifs like the bike one… like that is just me dicking around thinking “how disgustingly cute can i make something” but when i digitally paint I usually pick a photo in the same style (like, when I did the hound, I used a portrait jack black. lol i know.) and then play with the hue/saturation/brightness on it until it’s got the atmosphere i want and then I use the eyedropper tool to pick out my gradient scale from that. It ends up changing a lot as I continue painting and adding different colors but I get my general feel from that. I only recently started doing this because it helps me neutralize my palette a lot, i have a tendency of over work a picture with really saturated pinks, blues, and yellows

thanks for asking!!

WHAT!! this is amazing, thank you SO much tumblr radar folks. honestly, so surreal. a big happy welcome everyone new to the blog!! I’m excited to share my art with you. 
decided to throw this together instead of my original plans for that bike wip

some illustrations based on these lovely photos (Kawashima Kotori 川島小鳥 - Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん)


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guess who moved into my town !!! doodlin’ the bae
Fuck the King

just started with sadie’s request b/c she’s the only one who wasn’t on anon
speed paint, Mao Asada- Palette #7
long live the queen

accidentally posted on the wrong blog

sixty followers!! hi everyone. thanks for comin by. i know i haven’t posted much lately but i have some stuff that’s just waiting to upload! I’m currently not in a place where i can finish and publish but I will do within the week. thanks for sticking around!

thank you kind anons

when i tried to reply, for some reason it posts the replies on my other blog and then i get deleted them without thinking. your words are appreciated, though! i don’t have an official commission post yet for the summer but if you have a project you would like some art for, contact me! We’ll ballpark some figures and make sure you get what you need ~*


Some figure drawings observation gestures from the past semester, ranging from 5min-30min

Oops, posted to the wrong blog. Anyway, about halfway through the year I stopped using charcoal and started using 1inch diameter Graphite sticks


winning t-shirt design for the Reign Of Kindo 
10 things to draw with an artists block:

so, today i spent about two hours brainstorming about what to draw after I finished warming up. this is the first real chance I’ve gotten to make personal work in a while, now that i’ve made enough money to float for a while and i no longer have to worry about assignments. I was having a lot of trouble and felt stuck, so here’s a list of ideas/topics/themes for drawing inspiration  for whenever you’re stuck in a rut and can’t think of what to draw

1.Screen caps from your favorite movies (play with the composition! see what you can do with the elements from the frame. this is also really good for color studies)

2. Drawings based on pictures from your childhood 

3. A comic about your day

4. The contents of your bag

5. Your favorite seasonal activities (i.e. summer: lazy tubing down the river. winter: making a gingerbread house)

6. Video game cut scenes (everything from masseffect to gba pokemon works!)

7. Pick a piece of art you love and try to mimic the style the best you can! Pretty much just an exercise in aesthetic

8. Draw your least favorite thing 100 times. (TRUST ME, i know this sounds horrible and sadistic but it’s actually really amazing. suddenly the thing you dread becomes the easiest thing on the page.)

9. Practice a program you’re not familiar with. (versatility is so important like jesus i have so much to learn)

10. Redraw an older piece (it’s always fun to see how much you’ve grown)


some quick sketches of a character i’m working with for an upcoming project
gonna do color later tonight probably but now it’s time for chinese food

ok i never made more of these but they should go on here probably too

band tshirt design

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great work

ah thank you!